Responding to Rising Seas - OECD report

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) today published Responding to Rising Seas: OECD Country Approaches to Tackling Coastal Risks. This report explores how OECD countries can take on the challenges posed by rising sea levels via their national adaptation planning processes. 

Coastal zones are facing increasing risk from rising sea levels. Sea levels are projected to rise at least 1 metre over the next 80 years and will continue to rise for centuries to come. The dramatic coastal changes this entails will have a significant economic and humanitarian impact. With many coastal communities and much infrastructure already suffering the effects from coastal change, countries should be taking action now. Still, only 5 of the OECD’s 36 member countries have dedicated funds for coastal adaptation. 

That’s why the OECD’s report outlines how countries can react to the challenges presented by rising seas. Specifically, it explores approaches to shared costs and responsibilities for coastal risk management, examining how these can promote or discourage risk-reduction behaviours on a personal level as well as for business and different levels of government. It offers policy tools that can be helpful for any administration hoping to foster an efficient, effective and equitable response to coastal change. 

Tonight, March 6 2019, the OECD is hosting a webinar on rising sea levels at 17 pm CET. Join the event here

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