Below is the list of our published project deliverables.

62 deliverables are due by the end of the project.

Deliverable 8.3 - Report on needs in hydropower sector

Deliverable 9.1 - Report on vulnerability of water transport

Deliverable 9.2 - Navigation quality assessment

Deliverable 9.3 - Potential economic benefit of better forecasts for water transport

Deliverable 9.4 - Improved transport cost planning

Deliverable 9.5 - Impact on adaptive mgmt of transport sector

Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) is a mode of transportation highly vulnerable to hydrological extremes, notably to low flow events in shallow river systems. Low flows occasionally create serious disruptions of IWT operations in present-day climate conditions, and might create more frequent and severe disruptions under projected future climate. Innovative probabilistic water level forecasts developed within EU H2020 IMPREX project, shown to be useful already at present climate and hydrological conditions, are likely to become even more important for decision making under future climate. By substantially reducing the uncertainty of the complex human-technology-environment system under study, these probabilistic forecasts are anticipated to become an important component of strategies designed for adapting IWT and related sectors and stakeholders to hydrological extremes. The remaining components of multi-level uncertainty can be explored with integrated modelling, including system dynamics (SD) models developed within the Interdisciplinary Knowledge Integration approach (IKI-IMPREX)

Deliverable 10.1 - Fresh water forecasting in urban water system

Deliverable 11.1 - Prototype design of drought DSS

Deliverable 11.2 - Index-based drought risk assessment

Drought impacts on agriculture in Europe can be significant and widespread, affecting large areas, different parts of the agricultural value chain, and many people at once. Over the last decades, drought events have caused major falls in crop production in different parts of Europe. Most of these events occurred in the Mediterranean parts of Europe but the recent drought of summer 2018 in northwestern Europe demonstrates that drought events can affect agriculture also in less drought-prone regions. It is thus increasingly important to better anticipate to drought events and take timely action to reduce negative impacts.

Deliverable 11.3 - Multi-hazard drought management tool