Below is the list of our published project deliverables.

62 deliverables are due by the end of the project.

Deliverable 3.3 - Enhanced skill of seasonal predictions

Deliverable 3.4 - Hydro-meteorological indices

Deliverable 4.1 - Verification score card

Deliverable 4.2 - Hydrological model sensitivity

Deliverable 4.4 - Improved climate projections of hydrological extremes

Deliverable 4.5 - Lessons learnt for research and operational exploitation

Following the research undertaken within IMPREX, this White Paper provides:

- a synopsis of the current state-of-the-art of atmospheric and hydrological forecasting, with a focus on medium-range to seasonal scales of prediction for increased preparedness

- the lessons learnt from IMPREX including the current forecast weaknesses identified and the need for the local tailoring of forecast output

- a vision for how to improve these forecast systems/products in future research and operations.

Deliverable 5.1 - White paper on novel concepts

Deliverable 5.2 - Intermediate report on novel concepts

Deliverable 6.2 - Data Management Plan

Deliverable 7.1 - Correlated flood risk and finance