A lot of IMPREX researchers will attend ECCA 2019, the 4th European Climate Change Adaptation conference, next week in Lisbon! Here is an overview of all the sessions we will take part in: 

Tuesday 28/04

Knowledge integration as science based-decision making for adaptation strategies
Speakers: Mária Máñez Costa (Germany) 1; Van Der Keur Peter (Denmark) 2; Celliers Louis (Germany) 1; Eulalia Gomez (Germany)
Time: 11:15
Venue: SP003, Room S9

An IMPREXive serious game
Speakers: Arnal Louise (Belgium) 1; Eggen Bernd (United Kingdom) 3; Gallo Florian (United Kingdom) 3; Hananel Cedric (Belgium) 2; Katrien Witpas (Belgium) 2
Time: 11:15 -11:45
Venue: TS001, Room S15

Changes in summertime short-term precipitation extremes over Europe studied in a surrogate warming experiment with a convective permitting climate model
Speakers: Erik Kjellström (Sweden) 1; Geert Lenderink (Netherlands) 2; Petter Lind (Sweden) 1; Danijel Belusic (Sweden) 1
Time: 14:00
Venue: OC050, Room S10

Hierarchical Bayesian approach for flood loss modelling for Europe
Speakers: Nivedita Sairam (Germany) 1; Heidi Kreibich (Germany) 1; Kai Schröter (Germany) 1
Time: 14:00
Venue: OC057, Room S11

The Weather Roulette: a gambling game to communicate probabilistic climate predictions
Speakers: Marta Terrado (Spain) 1; Isadora Christel (Spain) 1; Dragana Bojovic (Spain) 1; Llorenç Lledó (Spain) 1; Rodrigo Manzanas (Spain) 2; Albert Soret (Spain) 1; Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes (Spain) 1 
Time: 16:15
Venue: OC099, Room S10

Climate change impacts on water quality in the Llobregat Basin, Spain
Speakers: Laura Ramos-Soler (Spain) 1; Javier Paredes-Arquiola (Spain) 1; Joaquín Andreu-á lvarez (Spain) 1; Antoni Munné-Torras (Spain) 2
Time: 16:15 
Venue: OC091, Room S9

Modelling the Inland Waterway Transportation Operations Supported by Navigation-Related Probabilistic Forecasts under Projected Drier Climate Conditions
Speakers: Dmitry Kovalevsky (Germany) 1; María Máñez Costa (Germany) 1; David Williams (Germany) 1; Bastian Klein (Germany) 2
Time: 16:15
Venue: OC112, Room S13

Climate change adaptation options for the European water sector
Speakers: David Samuel Williams (Germany) 1; Dmitry Kovalevsky (Germany) 1; Maria Manez Costa (Germany) 1; Bastian Klein (Germany) 2; Dennis Meißner (Germany) 2; Joaquin Andreu (Spain) 3; Hector Marcian-Sorribes (Spain) 3; Manuel Pulido- Velazquez (Spain) 3; Abel Solera (Spain) 3; Sara Suárez-Almiñana (Spain) 3; Marco Hartman (Netherlands) 4
Time: 16:15
Venue: OC080, Room S7

Practical application of a risk-based approach for droughts: experiences from the Netherlands
Speakers: Femke Schasfoort (Netherlands) 1; Marnix Van Der Vat (Netherlands) 1; Marjolein Mens (Netherlands) 1; Paul Van Den Hoek (Netherlands) 2; Karel Van Hussen (Netherlands) 3; Susanne Groot (Netherlands) 4; Nico Polman (Netherlands) 5
Time: 16:15
Venue: OC104, Room S11

A system dynamics approach for evaluation of climate change impact and adaptation strategies on the Jucar River Basin
Speakers: Adrià Rubio-Martín (Spain) 1; Alberto García-Prats (Spain) 1; Héctor Macián-Sorribes (Spain) 1; Patricia Marcos-García (Spain) 1; Manuel Pulido-Velázquez (Spain) 1
Time: 18:00
Venue: PO075, PS7

ISIpedia – making climate impact science policy-relevant 
Speakers: Inga Menke (Germany) 1; Quentin Lejeune (Germany) 1; Gina Maskell (Germany) 1; Kaylin Lee (Germany) 1; Lila Warszawski2 (Germany) 2; Felix John (Germany) 2; Ted Veldkamp (Netherlands) 3,4; Yusuke Satoh (Austria) 3; Yoshihide Wada (Austria) 3; Katja Frieler (Germany) 2
Venue: PO138, PS12

Wednesday 29/04

Talk by Project leader Bart van den Hurk
Time: 11:00
Venue: JPI Climate and Climateurope booth

Estimating the economic added-value of improved seasonal forecasts for the Jucar river basin (Eastern Spain)
Speakers: Hector Macian-Sorribes (Spain) 1; Ilias Pechlivanidis (Sweden) 2; Louise Crochemore (Sweden) 2; Manuel Pulido-Velazquez (Spain) 1
Time: 16:15
Venue: OC196, Room S10

Thursday 30/04

Tailoring to the needs of users of Climate Services for the European water sector
Speakers: Bart Van Den Hurk (Netherlands) 1; Janet Wijngaard (Netherlands) 1; Bernd Eggen (United Kingdom) 2; Erik Kjellström (Sweden) 3; Linus Magnusson (United Kingdom) 4; David Lavers (United Kingdom) 4; Hans De Moel (Netherlands) 5; Albrecht Weerts (Netherlands) 6; Maria-Helena Ramos (France) 7; Bastian Klein (Germany) 8; Laurent Pouget (Spain) 9; Johannes Hunink (Spain) 10; Ertug Ercin (Netherlands) 10; Maria Mañez (Germany) 11; Cédric Hananel (Belgium) 12
Time: 09:00
Venue: OC237, Room S8

Assessment of the future drought risk management through probabilistic reservoir storage indicators in the Júcar River Basin (Spain)
Speakers: Sara Suárez-Almiñana (Spain) 1; Abel Solera (Spain) 1; Joaquin Andreu (Spain) 1; Jaime Madrigal (Spain) 1
Time: 09:00
Venue: OC250, Room S13


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