Europe is ready for climate impacts: Commission evaluates its strategy

The report on “Evaluation of the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change”, published by the EU commission on 12 November 2018, used one of the case studies of the IMPREX project, Vulnerabilities of the European Economy to hydrological extremes outside its borders, as a key reference in one of four case studies that was developed to enhance and support the following recommendation of the study:"a need for the EU to review existing evidence and invest, where necessary, in further research in order to identify Europe’s vulnerabilities to climate change impacts elsewhere, particularly in neighbouring countries. This would then enable the EU to consider the extent of likely impacts from spillover effects on Member States and commensurate actions required within and beyond Europe to increase the EU’s resilience to climate change.”

The evaluation also suggests areas where more work needs to be done to prepare vulnerable regions and sectors, aiming to provide food for thought for the UN climate change conference (COP24) in December in Katowice, Poland, and adaptation reporting requirements in the context of the governance of the Energy Union.

The evaluation package contains assessments of each of the Member States' national adaptation strategies (or the process leading to those strategies, when they are not yet adopted).

The report has been sent to the European Parliament and to the Council of the EU.

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