Discover how 93% of the Dutch water is imported...

"The Dutch Economy needs water for its production, consumption and own exportation ..." 

Listen to Dr. Ertug Ercin  on how the Dutch economy is dependant on external water resource to run its economy. 

Water, like energy, is a key input into any economy. With variations in water availability and quality from country to country, water is a local issue. At the same time, because of international trade in goods to meet the needs of the world’s populations, water is a global, collective resource. International trade in commodities implies long-distance transfers of water in virtual form, where virtual water is understood to be the volume of water that has been used to produce a commodity and that is thus virtually embedded in it. Knowledge about the virtual water flows entering and leaving a region can cast a new light on the meaning of water dependencies of a region’s economy and its susceptibilities outside its borders.

The European economy is dependent on water resources elsewhere in the world. Many of the goods consumed in the European Union (EU28) are not produced domestically, but abroad. ....

More information at
Dependence of European economy on water issues elsewhere



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