IMPREX workshop on Future Water Accounts

A workshop on water accounting will be organised by IMPREX partners working on agriculture and droughts on 7-9 March in Cartagena, Spain.

The workshop will bring together IMPREX partners who have worked on their case study basins using the Water Accounting+ framework, that is, a single framework to synthesise the available data and future predictions, in order to assess climate change impacts on water resources and the resulting water scarcity affecting agricultural production.

The goal of the workshop is to work together on several methodological challenges, improve the list of climate impact indicators, and to extract a preliminary policy message from the European case studies. 


Read here our recent blog post on the topic: "Water Accounting to report on future water stress for agriculture".


Cartagena, Spain

Contact details

Dr. Johannes Hunink
+34 968 209 834


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