Climate services in the water sector: IMPREX lunch conference at the EU Commission

On 30th June, the IMPREX Project Coordinator Dr Bart van den Hurk presented IMPREX and the project’s expected impacts to EU policy-makers at a lunch time conference organised at the EU Commission’s premises in Brussels.

With the project soon reaching its halfway point, it has already achieved notable results and a number of impacts, including upon European strategic agendas, can be expected. Dr van den Hurk highlighted how IMPREX is adding value, for example, by bringing seasonal forecast information to sectoral users and by contributing, with local-level detail, to periodic risk outlooks.

In terms of European policies, Dr van den Hurk underlined that IMPREX has the potential to influence some very relevant European strategies. For example, improved sectoral risk assessments and a comprehensive study on the dependencies of key economic sectors on water resources outside of Europe, are expected to feed into the EU Adaptation Strategy. In addition, IMPREX can provide valuable inputs, e.g., on drought indicators or risk-based water allocation for the Water Framework Directive. Through the development of flood risk and hazard maps as well as damage modelling, IMPREX can also contribute to the Floods Directive evaluation. Throughout the project duration, IMPREX will scan the on-going policy processes and, at the end of the project, provide targeted recommendations. 

In speaking to the audience, Dr van den Hurk also highlighted the cross-disciplinary nature of the project, which ranges from research on modelling and skill assessment to very practical applications in a number of sectors. What makes IMPREX furthermore unique is that the project integrates weather and climate information, which are often looked at in isolation from each other, and the project is already well embedded in climate action programmes of many national and regional water authorities. 

Bart van den Hurk presents IMPREX to the European Commission

For further information, please see here the full presentation.

More information on the policy impacts of IMPREX will be published soon on the website, stay tuned!




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